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Academic Tutorial Programme

University can feel like a daunting next step.
Our Academic Tutorial Programme prepares students to build academic expertise and confidence to jump into the next stage of your education.  

Centre for Tutorial Teaching has designed a one-of-a-kind programme for students who are committed to building critical academic, creative thinking and communication skills to prepare them for competitive entry into the world of university learning and the modern workplace


Through the Academic Tutorial Programme, experienced tutors from the University of Oxford will provide students with the frameworks, tools, and materials to build their linguistic, communicative, and problem-solving competencies as they embark on the path of university preparedness.  


Tutors across a range of Mathematical, Physical and Life Science as well as Social Science subjects at the University of Oxford will bring the famed teaching and learning style of Oxford to life for students by delivering true-to-form tutorials with students. The programme consists of a series of 6 tutorials that are structured around themes that mimic the sorts of research questions that students, professors, researchers, and academics are currently tackling in Oxford every day. Students will be expected to engage with one another and with their tutor and to challenge themselves by talking their way through complex academic challenges. By the end of each tutorial programme phase, each student will have been trained to truly think like a university student and be prepared for the rigour of university level academia.

Students will attend tutorials in groups of 2-3 in their academic area of interest to mimic the the undergraduate study experience at the University of Oxford.


To find out more about how you can join the Academic Tutorial Programme, register your interest below, and a member of our team will get in touch. 

Register your Interest

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