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Our Impact

Why we do what we do...

At CTT, we are committed to delivering best in class teaching and learning methodologies to all. Read our latest programme impact reports to see how our work is impacting the young people we serve.   

Success Stories


CEO of Calling Academy

The tutorial method has helped us to give learners a voice in their own education. Relevant, fascinating topics have elicited vibrant discussions where learners could take the lead based on their own research. The tutorial method is fast becoming an invaluable value-add to our learners.


GTP Participant

"When you have to argue points about things you disagree with…it really strengthens your beliefs and helps you really carve out what you believe."


Shine Mongol High School

I think that my English was much better after the course, because of the once-a-week sessions in which we had the chance to talk about the Tutorial Method, talk about pedagogy in theoretical ways, share our experiences with other colleagues and listen to our wonderful facilitator.

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