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Student Programmes

At CTT we work to ensure that every young person has the skills, academic exposure and confidence to succeed in life. 

Our wide range of summer programmes and short courses help students build the critical thinking, problem solving, communication and English language skills to succeed at university and beyond. All our student courses are: 

Employ the tutorial teaching methods used at the University of Oxford
Are delivered in very small group classes, with class sizes ranging from 2-8
Provide exposure to university level learning. 
Engaging, expert tutors from the University of Oxford
Browse our courses below to find the perfect fit for you!

Global Tutorial Programme

The Global Tutorial Programme is an online international programme aimed at secondary school students between the ages of 15 and 18. Designed for young people from across the globe, it brings together a diverse cohort of global tutorial scholars to help them acquire the competencies required to thrive at university, in the workplace, and as global citizens in the twenty-first century.

The course will introduce students to the pressing issue of our time, sustainability and the environment, through an interdisciplinary lens. Students will be encouraged to draw on their interests and previous learning as they tackle complex real-world problems. These require an interdisciplinary approach, since no one discipline offers a whole or even partial answer. Students will be encouraged to approach these issues from the lens of their own subject interests, whether this be economics, engineering, science, history, or any other subject lens.

Drawing on multiple branches of subject knowledge across both social sciences and STEM, the course will demonstrate how thinking across boundaries helps us to clarify, understand, and tackle sustainability issues. Ultimately, students will be asked to think for themselves about these problems and develop their own individual perspective on them. At the same time, the programme will nurture competencies that will help students to thrive beyond secondary school.

University Readiness, Academic Summer School, Critical Thinking Courses, Tutorial Teaching, Teacher Training For Tutorials


GTP Participant

"I think this programme has helped me think at a deeper level and about the root cause of everything and will help me see where I want to be guided after high school."

Academic Tutorial Programme 

The Centre for Tutorial Teaching has designed a one-of-a-kind programme to prepare students for competitive entry into the world of university learning and the modern workplace. Our Academic Tutorial Programmes gives you a taster of what it is like to study your chosen subjects of interest at university. Through this programme, University of Oxford academic across a range of Mathematical, Physical and Life Science as well as Social Science, Humanities and English bring the famed teaching and learning style of Oxford to life for the students by delivering true-to-form tutorials.

By the end of each tutorial programme phase, each student will have been trained to truly think like a university student and be prepared for the rigour of university level academia.

Tutorial Skills Programme

As students seek to study abroad, they need to not only be proficient and excel at their chosen area of academic study, but they also need to have the independent study skills to succeed at university without the supervision of parents and school teachers. This programme consists of four 90-minute interactive workshops where students build core skills of critical reading and note taking, critical thinking, academic presentation and academic writing.  

University Readiness, Academic Summer School, Critical Thinking Courses, Tutorial Teaching, Teacher Training For Tutorials


GTP Participant

"When you have to argue points about things you disagree with…it really strengthens your beliefs and helps you really carve out what you believe."

English for Academic Learning Programme

Centre for Tutorial Teaching has designed a unique online programme that brings together tutorial-based teaching together with the tools and techniques of teaching English as a foreign language to prepare young people for academic and professional fluency in English. 

Language learners on the programme will leave having honed skills that will allow them to flourish in their post-school destinations in English environments be it in apprenticeships, higher education, or the workplace. After the Foundational English: Academic English for Tutorials course, they will be more autonomous learners able to independently upgrade their language systems & skills outside the classroom.

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