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  • Prerna Aswani

How Tutorial-based learning can build student confidence

In this blog we spotlight on CTT alumnus, Lyna, who shares her experience of tutorial based learning.

Lyna took part in the 2022 cohort of the Global Tutorial Programme, where she had the opportunity to develop her skills in critical reading and note taking, critical thinking, academic presentation and academic writing.

As Lyna describes in this video, throughout the programme, she was encouraged by her tutors to share her own opinions on the texts that she engaged with during the course. At first, this felt quite intimidating, as she felt that she had to have a 'right' answer.

However, over the course of the programme, Lyna slowly became more confident in expressing her opinions, and began to feel more comfortable with her thoughts and arguments being challenged. As a result, having now completed the programme, Lyna feels more confident in expressing her thoughts and ideas at school, and sees her own opinions as worth expressing, and valid.

Lyna's situation mimics that of many other students her age, where students often feel to shy, or nervous to express their thoughts in class, due to fear of being wrong, or fear of being judged. The tutorial method of teaching and learning tackles these apprehensions of students head on, by creating a safe space and encouraging environment for students to express their opinion.

The gentle questioning approach adopted by tutorial based teaching, where students attend classes in small groups and are asked to defend their arguments to their peers and tutors helps them practice their persuasive argumentation skills in a safe space. Eventually, with practice, this no longer feels as daunting anymore, helping students build the confidence they need to tackle unfamiliar academic and professional challenges in their future higher studies and career.

Are you interested in building your academic confidence and critical thinking skills?


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