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Making best in class teaching and learning approaches accessible to all 

Enhancing critical thinking skills for learners to thrive in the 21st century

At CTT, we have built an international community of students, educators and professionals who use the Tutorial Method to promote deep learning, critical thinking and creative problem solving in global contexts.

What are tutorials?

The world-renowned Tutorial Method is a personalised, holistic approach to teaching and learning that builds resilience, independence and confidence.


It uses a higher order questioning approach, combining independent study of curriculum content together with small group discussions between students and the teacher to catalyse critical thinking among students.

Individualised teaching

The individualised teaching at the heart of the Tutorial Method can empower individuals to view themselves

as facilitators of knowledge.

Building Critical Thought


The Tutorial Method’s emphasis

on how we think rather than what we think provides a truly different approach to teaching and learning, one that focuses on an individual’s ability to learn from how they listen to others, ask questions and make judgements.

Giving Learners a Voice

Combining independent learning with small group based discussions gives students the power to define the focus of their own learning. The tutorial method invokes student’s natural curiosity and enables their learning to be shaped by this.

What we offer

We work with stakeholders across the educational and professional sectors to help weave tutorial based learning into your context.

For Students

Summer programmes that build university readiness skills of critical thinking, problem solving, and persuasive writing and argumentation

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For Higher Education Institutions

Tools and Training for faculty instructors and researchers to apply the Tutorial Method across universities and colleges

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For Educators

Bespoke Professional Development courses for teachers to enhance their dialogue based practice in the classroom

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For Workplace Professionals

Bespoke support for organisations and technical & vocational training institutions to prepare workers for 21st C skills

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A Global Company

As a truly global company, we have built partnerships all around the globe​ and are still growing...

The tutorial method has helped us to give learners a voice in their own education. Relevant, fascinating topics have elicited vibrant discussions where learners could take the lead based on their own research. The tutorial method is fast becoming an invaluable value-add to our learners.

Werner Cloete CEO of Calling Education

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